fasting while you are eating(食べれる断食)
How to get rid of swelling that nobody knows

I was born for patients who want to manage edema(swelling).
You can be relieved of swelling with just 3 days of effort per month.
This method has been discovered from my experience with and research on improving my own constitution, which has long been afflicted by allergies.
In our hospital, many patients have already been pleased with this methode.
There is no medical evidence now but someone will prove it in a few years.
Please try to experience faster than proof.
I think it will be helpful for you.

There are three caveats.

Other people may have problems specific to the race and may not function well, since they have only tried it to those who came to Sakuraminami Osteopathic hospital.
Do not use if you are under a medical condition, such as a restricted diet or who are being treated for a meal.
Medical evidence has not been established, please go at your own risk.

Then I will explain how to take the swelling that nobody knows is released from swelling if you make an effort for only three days a month.

The method is continued for 1 month and 3 days

Eggs, meat, fish, soy, processed soybeans, including gluten, fruits, raw vegetables, natural salt, hard water Do not eat It is only this.

If you want to know more details
Buy and read a way to get rid of swelling that no one knows from the bottom.
 65-year-old male
Swelling and rough skin are severe, after trying this method 5 times (1 cool), swelling is eliminated and skin becomes shiny!
 30s Women
No way could cure my feet 'swelling, However, with this method, the swelling of the foot was cured immediately.
 High school student woman
I did this with my mother. We ate only carbohydrates such as rice balls and udon grilled rice in this method. And I succeeded in this method.
 High school student woman
The swelling of the legs disappears so that you can get good results in tennis!
 Important point
■This method is, It is not in some of the medical evidence.
■ Please go after being convinced at your own risk.
■Although we recommend based on the experience of patients in Sakuraminami Osteopathic hospital ,we have not verified it to foreigners and all.
■ This e-book will be emailed to you in a form that can be downloaded immediately after credit payment. Therefore, we can not refund or cancel.